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Top urban bike paths across the USA
Minneapolis represent!”Midtown Greenway—Minneapolis: Exhibit A in why Minneapolis is considered the best bike city in America: the Midtown Greenway, a 5.5-mile bicycle highway through the center of town. Following a sunken rail corridor with no major breaks in traffic, this path is almost entirely separate from pedestrian traffic and is busy with commuters year-round. That’s right: it’s plowed in the winter. The Greenway is also lit at night, so it’s functional 24/7, and has emergency call boxes, police patrolling on bike, and even its own suspension bridge." -  The Active Times
God I love my new frame. UGH! <3
New frame! Thank you to Ninnescah Bicycle Company for the frame and to Åntti Kleinböhl at Penn Cycle for all the help installing components! SO excited to ride this summer. YES!
Spray painted my frame powder pink! I’ll finish building her up within the week. I am EXCITED!! NEWWWW BIIIIKKKEEEEE FRAAAMMMEE! :)

City Grounds Arm & Knee Warmers // Now In Stock! #citygrounds (Taken with Instagram at City Grounds HQ)

CG on Melrose
Intense Cycles Factory visit - Pinkbike.com
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